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14 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64
Computer becomes slow when I get into a folder with 1080p videos and s

Hello it's me again ^_^

I've downloaded some series in 1080p but when I access the folder, the computer becomes slow, and I can't even delete them, since it will say "Calculating" ; "Recycling" or "Discovering items", when I try to play one of those episodes (.mkv) when I watch it with subtitles my computer lags and the audio stops fitting the image This would be strange if I had a bad computer, mine's not that good , but it should be able to run 1080p videos with any problems and shouldn't become slow! Here are my specifications:

Core 2 Quad Q9550 (in task manager appears "Usage 100%" )
ATI XFX 6850 1gb
4GB DDR2 (I know these aren't the best but it's the most I could afford at the time I bought the motherboard )

EDIT: Also, in the windows explorer navigation bar, a green loading bar appears as soon as I enter the folder, but it never reaches the end When I try to delete it , appart from saying "Recycling" my computer becomes extremely slow if I open the internet explorer window (the small window saying Recycling)the mouse starts lagging and it freezes

Bye and I'd be glad If you helped me
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