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14 Oct 2011  

Windows Ultimate x64
BSOD playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Hello everyone. I've never had a problem with a game before nor any kind of instability or anything of the sort. My msconfig startup tab is clean, I just have MSN and MSE along with my keyboard/mouse utilities and that's about it.

Updated any kind of driver (vga, lan, audio, rts, inf chipset, etc) I can think of.
Tried raising Vcore, VTT/QPI voltage, DRAM voltage, GPU voltage.

Still BSOD'ing and nowhere else, always the same 124 error which supposedly hints to a hardware fault if you google around but clearly this is only happening in that game and there is huge topic on EA forums with people having the same issue as me:

That forum offers mostly amateurs fix arounds, so I'm here to find out better on how to get it fixed.

What's weird is that I played the Battlefield 3 Open Beta for 6+ days of constant playing, that game utilizes my CPU cores and GPU MUCH more than BFBC2 ever could.
I can loop Heaven Ungine, or play Crysis 2 for hours and yet... no BSOD.

Since then, I've gotten tired of opening the game as I kept crashing always 1h~ into it so I'm not sure if that folder "Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2" will have the necessary information. However, I have saved the first mini dump from the folder when it started getting annoying and downloaded some app called BlueScreenView and this is what I got:

I have attached below everything, the Windows_NT6_BSOD_jcgriff2 folder as well as BlueScreenView with that minidump that I took out of the Minidump folder a few weeks ago.
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