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15 Oct 2011  

Windows 10 Education 64 bit
Acer Aspire 5920 Blue Media keys don't work?

I have inherited an old Acer Aspire 5920 Laptop. It originally came with windows Vista 32 bit installed. I've nuked that and installed Windows 7 x64 Ultimate. I managed to find all the relevant drivers and there is nothing flagged in device manager as having a problem. Everything appears to work with the exception of the row of Media Keys down the right hand side of the keyboard right above the DVD drive. The key with the little person symbol works when pressed but all the remaining keys that are lit up blue don't. These keys are the play pause stop etc. They brighten up for a second if you press on one of them but don't actually do anything in Media player, Media center, or Acer Arcade. I'd be happy if they just worked in Windows Media Player. Non of the Acer empowering apps are compatible with Windows 7 and are not installed. The only exception is the Acer Launcher App which allows me to program the Blue e key and the e-mail etc keys that are on the left hand side of the keyboard. There is another set of media keys on the actual keyboard that are accessed using the Fn key that work. It would just be nice to be able to use the other ones that are lit up and easy to see in the dark. I sometimes like to lay down and listen to some music with the lights off and its a bit of a pain trying to use the other keys to stop or pause the music in low light conditions.
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