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15 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Panasonic CF F9 (used to have CF F8)

OK! This still hasnt been fixed! Its been 168 days since I first posted this and trust me, I must have googled about 2,000 times since then.

Anyways I have picked this up again and have decided that I will fix this once and for all...

The driver in question is the Intel Corporation ICH9M/M-E SATA AHCI Controller which I would love to update. There is an update here but unfortuantely it is only for windows. The problem is however in my dual booted ubuntu partition. (Now I know that this is a windows forum but you guys have been v helpful and the ubuntu forum, although v helpful, simply have not replied at all...)

Anyway! Here is what I am thinking - there is an updated BIOS for this machine located here. I am hoping that this update will contain an ability to edit the SATA fields so that I can select a better version for the OS to read the Hard Drive.

I should also point out that the problem is as the same as the origin of this post and that I have tried several different 2.5 hard drives all of which ubuntu linux does not like and keeps to throttle the data read.

- My New Question!! Based on the above and since there is no linux update driver - should I go for the updated BIOS and hope for the best?

Thanks v much
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