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16 Oct 2011  

windows 7 [64-bit]
Mystery to HOSTS File


Sorry if this is the wrong section but I didn't know where else to post it. But lately I have been attempting to connect to games and I can't and I keep getting errors that relate back to my hosts file(it's what I've read on the gaming forums). I can't seem to connect to games, when they are online and there shouldn't be a problem. At the time, I don't have a hosts file...I don't what happened to it :\. Anyways, I was informed to created a ALL FILE type of file using Notepad and put: localhost
::1 localhost

then save it to desktop and place it into C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
However, I don't know if I should do this because I am not good with his kind of stuff so i posted here to ask someone people who are more familiar with this. Also can someone simply explain to me what is the host file in a short sentence?

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