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17 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit.
Windows 7 Taskbar ALWAYS on top, problem solved 17 oct 2011

17 oct2011_ i had the problem with the Windows 7 Taskbar ALWAYS on top. Couldn't get it to hide auto. even though i had clicked the auto hide....

after a lot of searching, some of the "solutions" said it stayed up possibly caus an application needed action>

i solved the problem by looking at the icons in the taskbar.

found a "little white flag" and when i moved mouse over it,
it said "action center" you need to do this for win 7 to operate properly.

so, i clicked the flag in the taskbar and it said.. you need to install an update for office 2007..

i said to myself, go for it..

as soon as i said , do the update.. it did the update to visio and then, the action required by the "action center" was completed.. no more action items.

then, after there were no more action items, the "action center" was not trying to advise me of a required action.

and it turned loose the task bar. it then did the auto hide like it was designed to be done.

so, all of those other "experts" who tried to fix it were not accurate.

this is the real solution.. it would have been nice if ms had had a "pop up" to tell u to the action recommended by the design of win 7 action center ..

Not many users are going to look at the "little white flag" in the task bar..

joe archer sr san diego
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