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20 Oct 2011  

Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1 Dual Boot
Data not writing to Ramdrive using symlink junction


I am trying to move my thumbnails cache from my SSD to a ramdrive, to stop excessive writes and also speed up the cache.
I am using Dataram Ramdisk, and have moved FF cache, IE cache and temp files, and user TEMP and TMP files (but not system TEMP and TMP, which I moved to a HDD) so far.
Moving the thumbnails cache is a bit more tricky, but should be doable using junction.
I have created a 1GB NTFS ramdrive, created a folder TEMP for all the aforementioned stuff, and a folder called Explorer to mimic where the thumbs cache will go. I then saved an image of this drive and get it to load at startup.
To delete the original folder, I created another admin account, logged in and deleted the Explorer folder at C:\Users\[main account]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer.
I originally used mklink command line to create the junction, then subsequently used Link Shell Extension, which makes life simpler. The problem is, the 6 .db files contained in this folder are created in the ramdrive Explorer folder upon logging back into the main account, but windows doesn't appear able to write to it (which seems odd, as it's just created them!). When opening a folder with pics in, no thumbnails appear, just icons.
Presuming this to be a permissions issue, I allowed all users, system & admin full control of the ramdrive and the Explorer folder, and re-saved an image. It still won't write.
I found if I copied the explorer folder into the ramdrive with data already in it, then created the junction, it would cache thumbnails, but would not go above the size of each .db file.
I'm now pulling my hair out, as I must be missing something simple! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please don't suggest moving the cache to a HDD, or simply turning the caching off, as I really want to get this to work.
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