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21 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Hi Speedgamer01. Thanks for the welcome.

I got the DVD from my PC store. It's an official one, so that's not the issue. Most of the store's customers are smaller PC stores, but they sell to private customers as well.
I know it's not completely within the spirit of the EULA, but I guess most people use an OEM even on homebuilt computers.

I don't use an antivirus normally, but I installed AVG today and let it do a full scan just in case. Then I let ClamWin do another scan. Neither scan found any issues.
The PC has this problem even on a fresh install, so I doubt any virusses could cause it anyway. (unless Microsoft puts some supersneaky virus in the official Windows7 DVDs)

Regarding CF, I have the 11.9 Catalist software suite for the HD 4xxx series, and Speccy confirms that CF is indeed disabled.
On Vista I was also using the generic driver for the 4xxx series, so I'm pretty certain that CF was disabled there too. When gaming in Vista it also only used one GPU. I never took much notice of that tho, as the card was strong enough for my needs even on one GPU
I will try with a driver I just found that's specifically for the 4870X2, but I doubt that it'll make that much of a difference in terms of boot time.

TBH I doubt that any display-related issues can cause my networking problems. The slow boot might also be caused by network problems, as the network icon in the notifications bar is on "loading" for more than a minute.
I have just removed the network drivers, ran CCleaner and re-installed them, but to no avail.
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