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22 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

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To Chevy 65: I just found this discussion and I am having problems getting the "Share with Specific People" function to work, and you mentioned in an earlier post that this was not easy but that you could post the process. I really need this process!!

I have 3 computers running Win 7 Premium on a homegroup LAN that I would like to be able to share files between them but not with other computers on the network. Each of these computers has 2 users with identical IDs and passwords, yet I can't get the "share with specific people" to work - only share with everyone on the homegroup......
I have the same question. However I have 3 PCs running Win 7 Home Premium. Two of the PC's have 2 identical user accounts on each machine ( [user1 (admin)] & [user2 (standard)] ). The third machine at the moment has a totally different user id. Right now I am trying to find out between the two machines how to get the specific user to work correctly.

What I would like to do:

User1 (admin) - currently using
User2 (standard) - currently hidden
User1 (admin) - currently using
User2 (standard) - currently hidden
User3 (admin) - currently using
  1. Have User1 see full content on both PC1,2, & 3.
  2. Have User3 see content on both PC1 & 2 but certain folders User3 will not be able to see.



After countless hours of trying to resolve this, I had to go back through and remove every system from the group, make sure all file/folders settings where at default share/security settings. I then used the live ID with a different account on each system. Then I add all back to a homegroup and rebooted the systems. Presto, each lived ID appeared in the specific user on each computer.
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