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24 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 professional x64
BSoD's playing games, and randomly on Idle, Multiple errors

I've recently decided that the problem might not just be my ram, so before i upgrade I decided to seek some help. I've had multiple BSOD's while gaming, as well as sitting idle since august 27th (increasing in frequency). Also experiencing crashes during gaming as well as firefox crashes, 2-5 times an hour in fact. Windows 7 professional x64, intel i5 quad core, 4gigs of g.skill ram, 10k rpm velociraptor HD, nVidia geforce 8800gt, the original installed OS on the system, full retail version, Everything is about 2 years old, the video card is around 5 years old I believe, OS was installed a little under 2 years ago.
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