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26 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Professional x64
You Need Permission to Perform This Action

I'm sure there are other threads about this topic, but most of them are while a user is trying to delete a file or folder. I am simply trying to move two files.

Back story:
I'm having trouble running a Steam game, so I decided to re-install Steam. I moved 'steamapps' to the desktop so I wouldn't have to reinstall my games, and uninstalled and reinstalled it.

Now I'm trying to move 'steamapps' back into the correct place. All of the files moved successfully except for 'sourceinit.gcf' and 'winui.gcf'. It gave me the 'You Need Permission to Perform This Action' pop-up. I am the Administrator, there are no other users.

I've looked up how to fix this problem and most commonly it is suggested that I should give myself ownership of the files through command prompt, which I did. I also looked under the Security tab for both files and the 'steamapps' folder, and I have full permissions.
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