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29 Oct 2011  

Win 7 Home Premium x64

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I'm looking for something similar. I want to have a VM running at all times and not have to log in after a reboot to kick it off. Something I was able to do in Vista.

I now have a vbscript that launches the VM headless. The scripts runs fine when launched manually.

I've tried running the VBscript from a windows service, but get a security error about dcom Local activation permissions. I would fix this in component services, but vpc settings are grayed out.

I thought going to 7 would make life easier.

Does vmware run Windows Virtual Machines?

cyberpine, the only two best options to run a VM automatically and in the background is through using VMWare Server or Microsoft Hyper-V. There are others, but those two are the two most widely used products. I recommend Hyper-V, but it is not currently available to install on a Windows client OS. Hyper-V will be made available to Windows 8 when it releases sometime next year, so if you wanted to sit tight with 7 and VMWare, I'd recommend it. If you ever decide to purchase a Windows 8 upgrade for the specific edition that supports allowing Hyper-V to be installed - which will most likely be Professional, Ultimate, or Business only (however they choose to name the editions, if any), I recommend using something like CloneZilla to clone the VM to a file, and then restore to a new VM in Hyper-V.
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