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30 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Yep you can easily do 3 GHz. I'm not sure what the rating for that chip is, but I imagine you can have it at 1.35 volts or more safely. The temperatures are what is most important. Something to consider: Your temperature doing "normal work" is low, because it isn't doing cpu intensive tasks. With stock cooling (regardless of how many extra fans you put in there), when running Prime95, that temperature is going to go up probably the high 80s. If you regularly use your cpu at full load like that, you will need better cooling. But if you just use the computer casually, there is no issue with the cooling - just keep an eye on it.

Regarding the ram, as the FSB is increased, so is the ram frequency. That is probably going to limit your over clock more than anything. You can lower the ratio between the FSB and the ram if you run into problems.
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