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30 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

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Hello frogger4,thanks for answering !
Yesterday I was running AIDA 64 system stability test for 30min. Here are the temps...


According to Intel's CPU guide it says that the Voltage rage is : VID Voltage Range0.8500V–1.3625V

I'm using my pc just for surfing on the internet,and my brother is playing some games(PES '12,WRC..) and temps are pretty good then. As I said in my case costumizing thread I'll cut a hole in left side panel and put there a grill,and it will be able to get more air out.

For the RAM. Yes,it's limiting my overclocking. How can I get lower the ratio ? My ram is now working great,there are no any problems,but I'm just asking to know for the next time.
If anything those temperatures shown in the AIDA64 test are low - that's good! You should considering downloading the program CoreTemp for monitoring temperatures if you want to overclock more.
And really, based on what you will be doing, temperatures don't look like they will be an issue at all.

Cool, glad you found the spec from Intel. Basically, as long as temps are good, you can safely take the volts up to 1.3625 like it says, although only raise volts if the system fails a stress test. Given what you are using the computer for, the best stress test is arguably just playing the games that will be played on it. If the game crashes, then it is unstable and you'll have to adjust voltages. I'm suggesting that less than 100% stability is ok, since it doesn't sound like you are doing anything "mission critical," and it allows you to keep the voltage a little bit lower.

Since you are at 1.278 V right now, you can do a lot more overclocking! (If you want, I mean).

On to RAM - I don't know for sure what options you have in your BIOS, but I'll do my best. The easiest thing to do is choose the next lower option for "RAM Frequency" or something like that. That option is probably in the same section where you adjusted the cpu clock. It probably says DDR2 - 889MHz right now, and you can just go to the next lower one which is probably 741 MHz. If you keep clocking the FSB up (and so the ram goes up as well), you'll get to a point where the system won't boot, so just back off a notch on the ram when you get to that point. You can learn a lot more over at this section at

Hope that helps!

Edit: Another thing worth mentioning - If you are going to overclock further, be sure to set the vcore to a specific number (like 1.278), rather than it be on auto. Also, consider disabling Intel SpeedStep while you are working on getting the clock speed up. What it does is it automatically slows the processor down to save electricity (good) but can be misleading when you are working on overclocking (bad).
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