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31 Oct 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit
No pattern BSOD, also in safe mode - New Build - limited info :/

Hi guys,

first time poster, long time lurker. Very recently built a new system, and now experiencing BSOD, frustrating as i was super-happy with the build process. Unfortunately, i can't provide too much information as the pc even bsod's in safe-mode, and i can't get on long enough to get much info. Just managed to, hopefully, get the whole jcgriff2 thingy,attached here.

have reinstalled twice, and get the same BSOD soon after login, regardless of activity. as mentioned, i also get it in safe mode. My initial idea of culprits is mobo or SSD disk, but quite the novice here and very much asking for help. will update here with any info i can get, here's hoping

the BSOD message reads interrupt Exception Not handeled.
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