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01 Nov 2011  

Windows 7 Pro 64bit
Problems installing/Uninstalling After BIOS update (ASUS K53E)

Hey all,

I currently have an ASUS K53E that I've put a 60GB SSD into. I recently had to send out the laptop for service with ASUS, but I swapped the SSD for the original drive at that time (to save the chance they may re-format the drive)...

In any case, their repair apparently included a BIOS update... When I got the computer back, I naturally swapped the SSD back into the computer. Since then I've had numerous issues, the most prominent being that WLE stopped working (Every time I load Messenger it inexplicably stops working), and when I attempt to un-install it it will have a problem and abort the removal.

With skype, I installed it fine, but it will launch, have a problem, then close! This is extremely frustrating..

So really, my first thought is that there is a BIOS-update related issue, because the BIOS was flashed with the other drive in the laptop, and the installation on the SSD was installed/configured before the BIOS flash.

Am I looking at a clean install of windows? Or could I get away with just a repair? I'd really prefer not to reinstall if I don't have to (Getting the OEM install on the SSD was hard enough in the first place).

Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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