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02 Nov 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
A unique issue - Multiple displays dont share resolutions

Hey guys, I'm on a workstation here at work, posting this because I dont know what else to do.

I have this computer, with a GeForce 6200 TurboCache gfx card in it. With two Samsung SyncMaster 931BW attached. One VGA, one DVI.

Earlier, this pc was running windows XP, and both displays were set to their native resolution of 1400 x 900. I deployed Windows 7 on it, and now I can't set both monitors. One is at 1400 x 900, the other defaults to 1024 x 768, AND they get swaped around on the multi display. The left gets put on the right, etc. If I try and select 1400 x 900, it flickers but no resolution change.

Yes I'm on the latest Nvidia driver for this brand of card. No I haven't tried another card yet because I can't find a spare. It was working in XP, and trying to get to the bottom of this is frustrating.

If you need more information, ask. I'm going to be here for 4 more hours.

Also, in case it's relevant - In the Nvidia control panel, under 'change resolutions' It correctly detects both sync masters. It's detecting the VGA one as 'VGA - PC display', but the DVI one as "composite - standard definition television"

Googling hasn't turned up any clues.

Thanks fellas
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