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05 Nov 2011  

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Mini W7 from USB is it possible

Hi all
Is it possible to create a mini W7 which will run as a "Live Windows distribution" from a USB.

It was possible to do this with Windows XP -- one could "nLite" XP and run a build as per Hirens boot CD -- note that that CD contains some "Unauthorized software" or at least the earlier releases did so take care if using that CD.

Anyone got any experience with creating Windows images with MS's official tools.

My aim is to make a proper LEGAL recovery USB with my own licensed software on it.

I started by installing vmware on a Linux Mint distro and booting up a virtual XP machine but this isn't the most satisfactory way of doing this.

IMO a sort of "Mini W7" usb would be a very useful recovery tool and would remain current -- XP itself will soon be as dead as the Dinosaurs.

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