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05 Nov 2011  

windows 7 home 64
keyboard won't work


i am on windows 7, 64 bits, and for a week, my keyboard doesn't work. the key p, return, tab, and some others won't work. ma visual keyboard works fine - except the question mark - . i tried the pilots, and the computer says no need to update. i don't know where it comes from, but then, after a windows update, my keyboard came back to normal. it worked fine for three days and then, again, it screwed up. it's always the same keys that don't work, so i don't think my keyboard is worn out, as i was told. my computer is only one year old. it's a sony vaio laptop. each time i press the p key, for example, the start button -physical one- blinks. same for the other buttons. when i press the return key, the start button blinks the very same i press.
and while i am having this problem, my computer has trouble loading. sometimes it freezes and i have to unplug it and remove the battery to reboot.

in the bios, the same keys of my keyboard don't work either.

can anyone help
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