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06 Nov 2011  

MS Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit (Family Pack Lic.) Upgrade

great, and you did it with ease

now for a file search, it should be in the programs, windows or system folder, but to be thou rough well check the whole drive, and while windows search is capable, command prompt is just as capable, with less potential for hazards.

Now go back to (start) and type cmd.exe, but instead of pressing enter, move up to the black icon with the same name"cmd.exe" and right click it

A drop-down menu will appear with one option reading "run as administrator" with a shield icon at its right side, you should left click this option. then a pop up will confirm your request click (yes) and the command prompt window will open w/ administrative privileges active.

type the following into the black window prompt: "cd..\.." (no quotes), this should place you in the c:\ drive root directory

now to do the search for "any file, in all directory's and subdirectories, including hidden and system files" type the following command: "dir sync.exe /a:sh-s-h /s /p" followed by (enter) BE SURE TO TYPE IT EXACTLY spaces and all and wait for a while as it searches your drive for the file, the /p flag tells it to show you the results "one-page-at-a-time" so you can use space or enter to move down any listed results line by line or page by page. you will have plenty of time to look at any potential results, if any are produced, since you control the page movement as i just mentioned, so look carefully for the file that is causing the error "sync.exe" in any of the results and report back to me.


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