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06 Nov 2011  
blue skies

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
MSSE alert pop-up when checking this morning

I clicked on the website this morning to check my local time which I guess uses a Java application. It's a site I have bookmarked and check occasionally while setting my clocks which never seem to keep good time.

I immediately had a pop-up I've never seen before warning me of a serious computer risk. At first I was suspicious whether it really was a warning from MSE (since I've never seen it before) or just one of those fake windows you get with infected websites asking you to click on it. It did look like it could be from MSE though, so I clicked on more information and the window had the MSE icon on it. It listed Java (with some letters and/or numbers - I didn't take a screen cap) and said it was suspended and asked whether or not I wanted to remove it.

I just updated Java yesterday, so perhaps that is the cause of the warning? Or could it just be that MSE thought the Java run clock on the website was a threat when it wasn't?

When I closed the tab, the warning disappeared. I don't know much about Java and never had a warning before from MSE. Since the warning box disappeared before I clicked to remove the "threat", does that mean the issue is resolved? Or is there more I need to do?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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