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07 Nov 2011  
Drake baku

windows 7 ultimate X64
unable to use DEP to accept games (cant add games in the aproved list)

first off, sorry about my bad english, i am from holland (where education needs inprovement if you ask me)

anyway, i resently had my laptop reinstald from vista to windows 7 (my C was full and i had nothing instald on it, its just up-dates, so it was needed)

the problem now is, before if some games dont work as the sims 3, i just opend the system en opend the advanged to add the sims in a list that DEP allows it and problem solved.

but for some reason i cannot do that now, the text below command about needing to be admin (wich as only user on the lap i am), and run the BCSEDIT.exe.
i run it (even as admin) but it the problem keeps going on.
i noticed some ways to turn the DEP off on this site, but that seems a bit extreem (as that people most of the time warn that its not the best option)
i just want to get the old system of having it on but beeing able to allow games by adding it to the approved list.

somebody knows how?
if needed: windows 7 ultimate X64
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