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09 Nov 2011  

WIN 7 X64
BackUp and Restore creates empty folders?

I had to use the Dell Back up and Restore to rebuild my OS and , except for all my email history, address book, profile and bookmarks, I seem to be up and running again. I want to back up to a WD MY Book 1tb external on a regular basis so I don't loose all my programs and profile.

I followed the easy instructions I found here on the Forum for a full system backup and watched the green bar progress to 10-15% complete and left the room. When I returned hours later the screen said "improper shut down" or something similar. When I rebooted there was a backup folder on my external but folder properties indicated it was completely empty.

The next day I tried to create a System Image Bup (Shadow Copy?) and the green bar progressed normally but, when I returned to the PC, the black dos screen said unable to find some file to boot. Again, folders were created but they were empty.

Sorry I am not more explicit but I am really a novice at understanding how computers work and my sons all claim ignorance when I ask them for help.

Does win7 BU and restore normally restart the computer after creating a backup file? If so, can I prevent this so I can see where the program is breaking down?

I did create a System Repair disk on a DVD and it seems to have created that okay. The file is almost 300mb so I hope that means it will work if I ever need it.

I do know this new MY Book is a lot more complicated than my other Seagate external and seems to want to format and name files for me?

Thank you for any suggestions.
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