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11 Nov 2011  

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but if i did give them my email, wouldn't that leave me open to viruses.'cause they would email me back and forth?
Yeah I can understand your concern soulfood but I have been with KIS for over two years and it's always been the same mate - you can't (well I have never been able to) login using your username per se' eg

Username box > Blackbeard (I have had to use from making the same error my email address)

Your account password box > your password

Looking at your original message again I see you have far more to put in than I have ever had to do. If you like I'll go in and ask what the go is - it's no trouble at all.

Just as matter of interest what is the URL you are using - it should be the one I am.
Kaspersky Lab Forum (Powered by Invision Power Board)

and to login you should have a screen like the pic show (only part thereof)

If you are worried re viruses mate you can just do it in a safe run and I am pretty sure that sending your email to Kaspersky is highly unlikely to be leaving you open to attack. If you are that worried just change (in know it's a pain) your mail address afterwards.
Plus I am of course assuming you are actually running KIS 2012?? as in going onto the net?

If you are how you got it configured?? as I know of a brilliant config setup done by a fellow out here on a local forum who is a bit of a guru with KIS and has done a lot of testing with it and has a brilliantly laid out config action plan.

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