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18 Nov 2011  
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Lying about your weight to obtain something is fraud. So therefore you are breaking the law.
Perhaps for obtaining medication from a pharmacist, not for "obtaining" a relationship, as a relationship has no monetary value as goods or a service.

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Hi, I'm Corazon...tall, muscular, blond, blue-eyed and a healthy 150 pounds!

No, really...hey, what the...get off me! Who are y--mmpf!

(*gets hauled off in an FBI van*)

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Sounds like someone in the Justice Department got burned on
LOL, sounds about right!

It seems like the reporter has put a comedy skew on the angle by referring to (which probably isn't specifically named in the statemet). It's specifically for enforcing website terms of service and should actually deter fraudsters or sexual predators for signing up to many services (dating or not) with false credentials.
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