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18 Nov 2011  

7 Ultimate x64 SP1

Control Panel > Devices and Printers > Generic USB Joystick [it’ll have a picture of a gamepad] > Left-click > “Controller Settings” > “Properties”. Now press all 12 Buttons and use the D-Pad and both joysticks. If they’re all working the buttons will light up and the directional axis indicators will move around.

If it’s working, then go ahead and open JoyToKey and:

Click on “Blank” then “File(F)” and select “Create new configuration file(N)” after that, type in “Oblivion” to name the new configuration file.

From there, switch the tab on the far right named “Others” and:

Number of joysticks to configure (Max 16) [2 ]

Emulation method
[Check] Default (recommended)
[Blank] Try it only if default doesn’t work.

[Check] Use Axes other than X and Y.
[Blank] Handle diagonal input as special case
[Check] Use POV switches

Threshold input (Useful for analog devices)
Leave this slider at 0%

Now, go back to the “Joysticks” tab on the far right. You need to double-click on each of these to set each of the controls. Just switch the tabs in the new window to any which device you want the controller to act as – the choices are: Disable; Keyboard; Mouse; Command; Special (we’ll only be needing Keyboard and Mouse on this for Oblivion).

Set everything on your Oblivion settings just like this (BTW these settings are as close to the PS3 controller default settings as you’re ever going to get on a PC):

Button: Keyboard: Auto:

AxisX(<0) A OFF
AxisX(>0) W OFF
AxisY(<0) S OFF
AxisY(>0) D OFF
Axis3(<0) Mouse: Horizontal(-75) ---
Axis3(>0) Mouse: Horizontal(75) ---
Axis4(<0) Disabled ---
Axis4(>0) Disabled ---
Axis5(<0) Disabled ---
Axis5(>0) Disabled ---
Axis6(<0) Mouse: Vertical(75) ---
Axis6(>0) Mouse: Vertical(-75) ---
Slider1(<0) Disabled ---
Slider1(>0) Disabled ---
Slider2(<0) Disabled ---
Slider2(>0) Disabled ---
POV1: UP Disabled ---
POV1: RIGHT Disabled ---
POV1: DOWN Disabled ---
POV1: LEFT Disabled ---
POV2: UP Disabled ---
POV2: RIGHT Disabled ---
POV2: DOWN Disabled ---
POV2: LEFT Disabled ---
Button 1 E OFF
Button 2 Tab OFF
Button 3 Space OFF
Button 4 F OFF
Button 5 Z OFF
Button 6 C OFF
Button 7 Alt OFF
Button 8 Mouse: Left OFF
Button 9 T OFF
Button 10 Escape OFF
Button 11 Ctrl OFF
Button 12 R OFF

[Leave buttons 13 – 32 blank]

But, we’re not done here just yet. Now you have to go into Oblivion and to Settings > Controls. From here, you MUST click on the yellow “<” or “>” on either side of the “Keyboard” header until it says “Joystick”. Once you do that, change the buttons to reflect what we put into the JoyToKey file for this game (otherwise the buttons will try and do both at the same time – there’s no known way to clear these in the game so they are completely blank, which means we need to set them both (the game's and JoyToKey's buttons and functions) to the same keys on the controller, but note you won’t be able to put Esc and other buttons like that in the game's buttons so leave those alone for JoyToKey to handle). I would take a screenshot of this, but right now my Oblivion game is claiming it’s lost the .exe file and is having the dual-monitor crashing problem (since I changed my monitor config to display two different screens) and I don’t feel like screwing around with it right now.

Also, if your gamepad has a “Mode” button (as 98% of these 12-button ones tend too), press it once every time after you plug it in so that the (typically) green indicator light turns red (this will unlock the left joystick so you can move your character around (WASD), otherwise you won’t be able to move without physically pressing WASD on your keyboard – stupid design, but that’s how it is). And, I don’t know for sure how to program the D-Pad to function with keyboard buttons yet (to use the hot-keys and etc.) so you’re on your own for that one (Likely POV1 or POV 2). Feel free to mess around with it if using the D-Pad for whatever reason is important to you.

Hope all of this helped somewhat. But I really think the reason your gamepad isn't functioning in Oblivion, is because you didn't tell the game in it's control settings to use the Joystick (remember: click on the yellow "<" or ">" in the settings and controls in Oblivion to change the control device from "<Keyboard>" to "<Joystick>").
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