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21 Nov 2011  


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delta power switching power supply

ac input ac115/230v,50/6hz
5/2.5a 6/3a 8/4a
dc output +5v +12v -5v-12v +3.3 5vsb +5&+3.3v total
max-400atx 30a 15a 0.5a 0.8a 20a 2a 200w 400w
.max-500atx 35a 18a 0.5a 0.8a 24a 2a 250w 450w
max-550atx 40a 24a 0.5a 0.8a 26a 2a 285w 500w
It's an OEM/generic PSU all right. Looks like the same label goes on three different units.

If it's the 500W model, it should be this:
max-550atx 40a 24a 0.5a 0.8a 26a 2a 285w 500w

That gives you 24Amps on the 12v rail. Not a whole lot of wiggle room.

Something like the ATI 5770 or nvidia GTS 250 should run comfortably on that PSU. Neither require that much Amps or wattage.

If it was a newer, non-generic PSU I'd say you could get away with a gtx 460, but given it's age - it could be dicey.

The 5770/250 aren't powerhouses by any stretch of the imagination, but both are an improvement over your current card. I've seen them go from anywhere between $40-100+

Again, once you start adding a CPU, GPU or even PSU, even with deals; it can start adding up. It's also money that could be better spent elsewhere.

Start with finding a card like the 5770 or GTS 250
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