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25 Nov 2011  

Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1

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For reinstalling windows seven thus formatting the C drive im right now doing this:

Made a copy of the whole register to external HDD, wich also contains all applications installed right?
Copied both Program Files folders to external HDD. These will work after restoring register right?
Copied the AppData folder to external HDD.

All "Documents" like my music my video's ect are saved on a other partition wich doesnt need formatting. Will windows register restore make sure it knows where to get all that data again?

Anything im forgetting?

Thanks, and please help me asap since i want to perform the reinstall today or tommorow

Your process is flawed in that many, in fact, most programs install DLL files in the windows and it's sub directories. Therefore replacing your programs and registry would do you no good.

If you feel the need to format and re-install windows, One way would be to save all of your documents and data to an external drive and then after you have re-installed windows (clean format) then you would have to re-install all of your applications software again, One good reason for saving updates to an external drive.
The only other way to guarantee that your programs will run after a re-format is to accomplish an image copy. That can be with the internal microsoft windows 7 image backup or one of the many image programs available. I personally use Acronis home version. It is cheap and works.

Another caution on a format and install is to make sure that you have all the hardware drivers from your motherboard web site for your machine and the graphic drivers. Put them on an usb or external drive and after windows is installed, you then can update your system with the latest drivers.

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