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30 Nov 2011  
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Win 7 Ultimate x64

  • Processor - you will never find an update for this as it is included in Windows.
  • Graphics Card - Get it directly from AMD.
  • Motherboard - better to get the chipset updates from Intel (or AMD if an AMD motherboard) as the motherboard manufacturers rarely ever put up updated chipset drivers.
  • Hard drive - again part of Windows, so nothing to update
  • Sound Card - same as the chipset, get it from Realtek, Creative, etc
  • Hard drive - again part of Windows.
2. See #1

3. Only if you like using comfortware and or snake oil and like paying for things that are free (driver updates).

4. Get it from Intel.

5. Never, despite what some may claim. It can be OK for some things, but I wouldn't rely on it for major component drivers (video, audio, chipset).
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