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01 Dec 2011  
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Win 7 Ultimate x64

Also, my processor driver says it is from 2006
So does absolutely everyone else's. Stop worrying about it as it isn't outdated or need to be updated.

And yes the Intel Update Utility is all you need for updating Intel chipsets. Intel graphics would be a separate download, but seeing as you're not using it not needed.

Lastly, to figure out if a driver is included in windows (ie my processor like you said) can you go to device manager>properties>driver
and then under drive provider if it says windows, that means it is included in windows?
You're making it harder than it is. Stop going through every device listed in Device Manager. Not counting external peripherals (mouse, keyboard, printers, etc) which can be updated with the manufacturers drivers if available (or needed), the only drivers you should be looking at updating on a properly working system are the video and sound drivers.
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