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02 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 x64 Pro
XFi Titanium, W764Pro, Hollow/Flat sound

Did a fresh install of Windows 7 64bit Pro. I have done every windows update, installed mobo chipset drivers, and then my graphics drivers. A few Steam games as well. Before the install the X-Fi Titanium card had amazing sound with my Sennhesier HD 595s. I had zero complaints and loved every second of it.

I then proceeded to go for the sound drivers for my X-Fi Titanium PCI-E card. Everything installs fine, the card is recognized properly, but the sound quality is bad. It is hollow and flat sounding, grating on the ears. There is likewise the occasional crackle and pop. The headphones work 100% fine on other computers, likewise I tested with functioning HD 280Pros and the problem is specific to the software.

0. Windows 7 auto detects the hardware and installs some software. poor quality
1. I tried to install the drivers from the install cd. = poor quality like described
2. I then attempted the auto update with latest drivers from the official site = poor quality, no change
3. I then installed the Support Pack 2.5 as is posted in the sticky thread here. = poor quality, no change
4. I then attempted a reinstall from the install cd, this time using only a minimum install. = no change, poor quality
5. I then installed only a minimum driver installation from the official site. = same problem, poor quality

Note: After every install attempt I would completely uninstall all related software, restart, run CCleaner.

The low quality, somewhat hollow, flat sound is persistent through all applications. It's on youtube videos, it's in all my games from StarCraft II to Trackmania 2, to Half-Life 2.

I had a similar issue when I originally purchased the card. After a number of different driver attempts however I found one that had finally worked.

This time I am stuck and looking for any help and feedback, suggestions or otherwise advice. So far the best advice has been to stop using Creative products and go for something like an ASUS Xonar card.

AMD x4 965BE 3.4GHz, 4GB Corsair XMS, 5870 HD 1GB, X-Fi Titanium PCI-E

I'm somewhat frustrated because it was working 100% fine two days ago.
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