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09 Dec 2011  

Linux CENTOS 7 / various Windows OS'es and servers

Hi there
xp mode runs like a "one legged dog on a perfectly smooth icepond" -- even a lake of thick molasses would run faster.

If you really need XP it's best to use software "fit for purpose" lkle VBOX or vmware with a complete XP install --although of course here you lose the "Free" XP you get with XP mode.

However IF you have an old XP install disc anywhere (has to be retail --OEM one won't work) then install an XP VM from scratch under vmware / vbox.

Both sets of software Do now support a reasonable amount of desktop integration including print support --not quite as much as XP but does it really matter.

The latest version of vmware software supports 3-D, DVD playing support and you can run your VM in the background.

Performance wise on the machine you've got you'd get about 95% Native speed too.

XP mode is a real dog --was only introduced as a sort of half measure to assist in W7 migration -- however my experience has been if you really need to run legacy apps and hardware (I do quite a bit) then only a proper XP VM will do.

Also you can shut it down when you don't need it -- less load on the system too.

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