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09 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Pro
Me Too!

I just want to say that I LOVE this posting thread. I converted from XP to Win 7 in June 2011, and as of 9 Dec 2011 I am still recovering, having spent literally hundreds of my personal man-hours (not to mention dollars) simply getting back to where I was before "upgrading." I came across this thread today because I "simply" wanted to view my jpg photos with the same ease I had in Windows Explorer under Win XP. (I am just getting to this because I have been dealing with other more important problems since June: Office 2010, Naturally Speaking, Adobe Photo Deluxe, etc etc - every application has been a steep learning curve.)

In fact, I got Win 7 Pro for another $90 just so I could run a couple of old programs (Calendar Creator and Access Manager) for which there is no Win 7 equivalent. I spent a month getting it to work, when upon opening one day it said I had a CHKDSK error. After I ran the check disk procedure in Virtual XP, I could not get back into it. I then spent a record 3 hrs 50 mins on the phone with Microsoft Tech Support in the Philippines, during which the guy got on my computer and uninstalled and reinstalled my Virtual XP while I watched. He reassured me many times that I would not lose my data, and if I did I could call back for help. Well, I did lose my data (45 days of calendar, leaving me not knowing my appointments) and when I called 3 times for help, each time they would be nice, until (I think) they would look in the file, after which the line would go dead! I think the first guy put a note in the file that I was the "customer from hell", even though we were both cordial during our help call. In fact, it was a "Product from Hell."

Anyway, Sir, I want you to know that there was nothing wrong with you. I have been over the same ground. I wonder if Apple users have these issues...
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