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10 Dec 2011  

icons don't match correct website

excuse me if someone has posted on this...i could not find what i needed and yes i did look.

i am not a computer technician nor do i wish to become one...why is this so extremely difficult??? i have noticed for some apparent ridiculous reason that some of the icons such as youtube and a couple of other websites are no longer showing their original icons when i open a new page and are displaying an icon from a different website, although the correct website pops up...this is not a folder or desktop's annoying because when i have several windows open and they are displaying the wrong icon i have to click through each one to find the correct website i'm looking for...

i have read through many of the icon questions and none of them seem to pertain to this particular issue....i have gone back to an earlier restore but this did nothing to resolve the problem...i should not have to do a complete system restore for a minor issue...especially since it is another ridiculous windows issue which came out of nowhere and may happen 5 minutes later for no reason...i should be able to click ctl or something to restore the issue.

i do not want to go into the folders and spend an eternity as some of you windows people who have page after page of all of the steps one needs to do to change an icon in a folder or desktop...for real? i appreciate your assistance, but omg, this is just really crazy....i am forced to use this ridiculous machine for work purposes...that is the only reason i am on this as i am a mac user and always will is always doing something funky and i do not understand why one would have to become a just to use the darn thing...

i want user friendly, simple answer please, i am middle-aged and get tired of wading through complicated yawn material...if anyone can send me a simple solution or if i need to explain further please let me know...i've tried to make make this easy by explaining exactly what is going on so i won't be sent through the same H#ll as previous i said it is when i open a new window the icons that should be there have been replaced by some other websites icon...not in every window...some icons are the original and match their correct website, but several have the same icon..of course, i have rebooted and restored back to last week, but it is still doing the same thing.....did i mention i don't like windows???

kind regards to anyone who is willing to help a diehard mac user
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