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12 Dec 2011  
Kinny Unabara

Windows 7 Home Premium
Computer will not boot up to the login screen, occasional BSOD flashes

My computer is running on a Windows 7 Home Premium OS, it's about two years old, Lenovo brand. I won the computer a while back, and do not have a Windows 7 Op. disk. The problem is, a while back I got this virus called Wolfram Antivirus software, and tried to do everything I could to remove it. It was a pain. The thing is, I think I might have accidentally deleted something in RegEdit, and now my computer (on the ultra rare occasion that it gets to and past the login screen) will tell me that it has encountered a critical error, and will restart in 1 minute.

When it does reboot, what will happen, is it will get to the picture of the swirling Windows symbol, but then reboot before making it to login screen. Then it will ask me to do a system repair or start up normally, because it shut down unusually. I'm currently attempting to fix it with a program called the Paragon Boot Corrector, but that doesn't seem to be working either. I'm running thin on patience, and I really don't want to have to buy a new laptop. Please help.
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