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15 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit OS

Can you please list the EVERYTHING you have tried.

Most probably this is a problem with your antivirus/ firewall/ router.
If you are using a router, you say you still are able to browse so look
for the product and find out if programs may be being blocked and if
so, how to allow them to establish an outbound connection.

Similarly, try lowering the Windows Firewall security features by choosing
a Home network setting to see if that makes any difference and/or disabling
the firewall completely as a process of elimination.

Similarly again, as a process of elimination, if you are using an antivirus
software, try:

1) Disabling it to see if the problem persists
2) If disabling the antivirus allows the programs to connect then you need to research how to
allow programs into a trusted list for that particular product
3) If the antivirus doesn't let you connect after allowing the programs into a trusted list allowing outbound connections, try uninstalling the antivirus and then reinstalling and applying the same trusted program settings- again as a process of elimination

Hope this may be of some assistance
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