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16 Dec 2011  

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) Build 7601
Can't seems to play videos from YouTube in Firefox.

Hello guys, sorry for the trouble again but this time, I am having trouble with Firefox again.

So recently, my Firefox can't seems to play or load any videos from YouTube BUT I am able to play and load videos on other sites like, - Live! Your Game, etc. (Haven't really try the rest becuase I don't know of much 'video' sites.) I am also able to play YouTube videos on Chrome, IE and Opera.

Anyways, I have tried Google'd around and did the following:
1.) Reinstall Firefox and Flash.
2.) Disable hardware acceleration.
3.) Clearing cache, cookies and history.

I hope I am not being too troublesome here but recently, I decided to give Chrome a try but the only problem I have now is that I can't seems to 'transfer' my passwords from Firefox to Chrome successfully. It stated there at Chrome as successful but no password seems to be transferred over so I was wondering, is there any other way that I can transfer the passwords from my Firefox to Chrome?

Thanks in advance for reading and all the help!!!
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