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17 Dec 2011  

Mac OS X 10.7.5 - Win 7 Ultimate 64bit - Win XP Pro

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I've been dealing with an intermittent BSOD problem since I got my new laptop. I had to have a tech person come to my house twice already to replace a bad screen (and motherboard the second time). My only option now would be to ship the computer to Dell for repair, and I would prefer to avoid that if at all possible. I've attached the requested files in the FAQ thread.

The error I get on my BSOD is Bugcode USB Driver, and it happens whether I have anything plugged into the USB ports or not. It happens at completely random times. Troubleshooting steps I have tried: Updated all drivers I could find, uninstalled and reinstalled USB. I'm running Home Premium 64bit, OEM, original install, and my computer is about 4 months old.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would really appreciate hearing them!

I'm having the same issues myself and I have a custom built system running Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. The only thing we have in common is that we are running 64bit versions of the OS.

The BSOD is consistent. The issue is the USB driver not your hardware. I tried the USB driver auto "fix" from Microsoft and had no resolve with it.

There's also a Win7 update for the driver that is causing the issue which I also did and had no resolve there either.

My best guess on this is an update drive is causing the problem. which means time to roll back the drivers and see which update did it. I'll post it up once I find out what it is. By the way, your dell system is 4 months old? has had issues since day 1??

if you've been calling back and it has been having issues and they are all within 30 days of the original incident or are with in 30 days of each issue, you are entitled to request a new system exchange. if a technician has replaced more than 3 major parts at least twice, you are entitled to a system exchange. fight for your exchange. Dell must honor it's policy and procedures. Dell wants to fix before replace but you have the option to replace. They won't tell you that because they want to attempt to repair.

I worked for them for 2 years and left in June of 2010. I got tired of seeing bad techs do bad jobs..

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