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20 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit OS

Hmmmm - very interesting

After reading the post I decided to try this myself. I right clicked on one
of the Favourites as mentioned and then clicked sort by name. I also
had mine sorted (well in order of date added to the list).

I have gone into C: DRIVE -> users -> my user acoount and then
clicked on the Favourites folder to look at available options and then
opened the folder to view available options also. I can't see a solution to this one
either. it doesn't bother me to much but I would like to know if
it can be changed back to the order in which the Favourites were added to the list if for nothing else than to satisfy my curiousity.

While inside the folder I looked at the Favourites list in the Details view and noticed
the small drop down list accessible through clicking the Date Modified heading above the uppermost favourite (this shows the little calender with options).
This however, only gives the user the option of restoring a previous version and if no
restore point has been created on the day the change was made then I can't see a solution.

I have a feeling that I used to come across this problem in Vista but am unsure as
to whether or not it could be changed back. I guess I'll be off now to do a bit of study up on this.
On an unrelated topic- I only found out this morning (probably old news to most) that only
a single image can be added as an attachment when emailing in Windows 7 whereas Vista
you could select multiple images to upload at once- how's that for backward progress!!

Anyways - I'll probably spend the next 4 hours trying to find a solution to this cause I hate being beaten!!

At the moment I only have one thought on the matter (without going into hours of research) and
that is to create a new favourites folder and add the favourites back in order by using the "Date Modified" column to see what went where.

Surely there has to be an easier way though- any suggestions anyone?
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