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21 Dec 2011  


Use PW CD following the steps given earlier.

If no Win7 partition is detected, run Partition Recovery Wizard from the Wizards tab on the correct HD. If it recovers the partition, check it's box and click Next. Then Apply the operation when you get back to recovered PW map.

If Win7 partition exists, check which is Active, click on HD, select Rebuild MBR from Disk tab, Apply. Reboot to see if Win7 starts, if not boot Win7 DVD Repair console or Repair CD to try 3 Startup Repairs no matter what it reports.

If another partition like System Reserved or Recovery is already marked Active, run Rebuild MBR and if necessary Startup Repairs as given, however if they fail move the Active flag (rightclick partition>Modify>Mark as Active, OK) to Win7 partition itself and do Rebuild/Repair operations again.

If you want post back a camera snap of the PW drive map and listings.
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