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21 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 (32bit)

The Partition Recovery Wizard only detects 465gb of free space on Disk 1 OS_Install which was my drive C which had Windows Vista installed on it which I "deleted". There is no recognition of Windows 7 which was installed on the W drive which I made the Active partition the last time I was able to access my computer. The is also no recognition the D partition which I saved my files on. My hard drive was divided as follows:

C=Vista(aka Os_Install)=200gb
W=Windows 7=50gb
D=my personal files=250gb

And it tells me there is only Os_Install (which is set to Active according to the boottable CD) with 465gb of free space. Also I could not find any of the instructions/options you mentioned such as: Rebuild MBR.

I need so much help, thanks a lot and please help me resolve this problem if you can.
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