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27 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Professional 64bit

Hmmm, see my aim was to get a hydro cooler, where ram size doesn't matter, this hyper 212 plus is just a temporary stand in. To make it fit I have already swapped what side the fan is on, but imagine the back of my antec 300. I have the stock rear mounted fan on 50% of the medium speed (fans have a tab allowing you to pick high medium or low, so it's on medium, for noise sake, then lowered to 50% that via a fan controller), blowing air out. About 10cm away there is another fan trying to pull air onto the heatsync. This leaves a 10cm gap, with 2 fans trying to pull the air in 2 separate directions, air which has passed over the heatsync, and has warmed up, will either be exhausted out a 140mm stock exhaust fan ontop, at 100% medium speed, or cycled back around. A 120mm fan on the front at its top speed, with me awaiting a second to put in, will fight against the air coming over the cooler, and encourage a cycle of warm air. I could reverse the fan to pull, but I don't think that would be as effective.

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I faced the same problem with the same RAM and a Noctua CPU cooler. I considered removing the aluminium heat spreaders, but aside from the warranty being voided, there appeared to be some sort of white tabs between the aluminium casing and RAM chip, and I decided it wasn't worth the risk as the looked like they could be easily damaged - I went with a different cooler in the end.
What cooler did you get?
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