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27 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

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Hey, thanks, that was an option I had already looked at, but I did not want to move the entire "Users" directory ideally, just the folder like Documents, Photos, Music, Downloads etc... (the folders where users are most likely to store their data). Mostly because I create manufacturer style recovery systems (Press F9 during boot, hidden recovery partition etc...) which I set to format C: (but leave D: alone). I like this as if malware/spyware outbreak leaves system in a state that ideally should be wiped - they can use recovery, and it will restore system to post-sysprep state, but leave their data intact.

Anyway, I have found a script that almost does what I want - and I loaded the NTUsers.dat hive in the registry at sysprep stage, and added this script to the RunOnce section. For admin accounts, works a treat, but does not work with Standard accounts yet (not even with Hstart) - converted it to an exe with an administrator manifest - and will be try that out tonight... Will report back
I'm in the same boat. I'm trying to decide whether to follow Kari's tutorial or simply find an elegant way to move only Documents, Photos, Musis, Videos, Download etc folders.

Your wrote that you found a script that works well for admin accounts. Do you mind sharing it? Insofar as I will likely have only one account on this computer and it will have admin privileges, it may work for me. Thanks.
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