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28 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hey, I haven't found a solution yet for "Standard" user accounts (I would just like to totally remove the ability to create standard accounts to be honest - they suck) - but here is the solution that works for admin accounts:

Download the script located here:

User Profile Redirection - MSFN Forum

I do NOT recommend using Hstart as the author does - what I did was convert the cmd to an exe using a free tool and chose to run it in "Ghost Mode" (a setting within the tool). But if you are happy with it as a .cmd then there is no need for either.

Save the script to C:\Profiler\

(or ammend the example below accordingly)!

Then, either at Sysprep, or once logged on (depending on how you configure yours) open Registry Editor.

Highlight HKEY_USERS - and then click on "File" on the menu.

Next, click "Load Hive", and browse to "C:\Users\Default User" - and select NTUser.dat (hidden file - so make sure show hidden files and show protects OS files has been configured).

It will ask you to provide a name for the hive - lets say you called it "UserProfiles" for this example.

Now, navigate through registry to the following location:


and add a new key here called "UserProfileRelocate" (you can name it anything you want)

Give it the value in accordance with how you want to run the script. For example, if you want the script to:

Run silently, without prompting (unless there is an error)
Move User profiles to D:\Users\%USERNAME%
Leave Public profile where it is

Then you would add the command:

C:\Profiler\moveshl.cmd /u:"D:\Users\%USERNAME%" /q

It is recommended to maintain the \Users\%USERNAME% structure, but you don't have to - you could just have D:\%USERNAME% if you prefer.

Ok, so - click on the root of the hive again (HKEY_USERS\UserProfiles) - and click "File" --> "Unload Hive".

Thats it... now, whenever you create a user, this script will run once, at first logon.

It covers all scenario's too - it creates junction points as well as moving data - so that badly coded apps that have the location C:\Users\%USERNAME% etc... hardcoded in them can still operate perfectly, whilst actually storing the data on the other drive/partition.

This will run on every new user account - Admin or standard - BUT - it will cause an error on Standard accounts and not complete.

Phewf! I hope this helps answer your query!

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