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30 Dec 2011  

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit
Partition Offset is different from what is listed in Gparted for SSD

The SSD I am using is an Intel 320 series 160 gb, and my computer is a Dell Studio 1558 with Windows 7 Home 64 bit. First I cloned my original HDD to the SSD using the Intel Migration Software that came bundled with it, and after getting the SSD installed into the laptop and booting it up I brought up diskpart and found out that the partition offsets were off. Also according to AS-SSD benchmark it verified that they were off.

So I booted up Gparted and aligned the partitions with 1 MiB in front of my recovery partition and between the recovery and OS partition.

After checking diskpart again I found that the offsets satisfied the criteria for being divisible by 4, and AS-SSD verified that the offset was OK. However the offset for my OS partition is MUCH larger than what I've seen (in the gigs range) and I'm confused because in Gparted the space between the recovery and OS partition is shown as 1 MiB so my question is: where is that extra space coming from or why's it being shown differently? And is there any disadvantage of having a LARGE offset even if it is divisible by the correct amount?

Thanks for looking!
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