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02 Jan 2012  

Windows 7 Home Basic 32bit
Underperforming GTX 560

I want to know the culprit behind my newly purchased but underperforming Asus GTX 560.

I can play Resident Evil 5, Dead Space 2 and Warcraft III DOTA on highest settings without problems. But when playing NBA 2k12, COD Black Ops/Modern Warfare my system lags and gets just 7 FPS (26 FPS max during the night and wee hours).

My system consists of the following:
Intel Core i5 760
4GB (2x2GB) DDR3 RAM
CoolerMaster EX 500w

I have decided to buy a 600w CPU (an AeroCool Strike X 80PLUS Bronze maybe). But before that, I really wanted to know if it is really the PSU that's causing this problem, or the i5 processor? I have a very limited budget so I want to get the right component as much as possible.

To help you analyze the situation, here's a brief history of what happened:
I had a GTS250 before. All my games ran very, very well without lags on high settings. One day, while playing NBA 2k11, framerate suddenly dropped to 7 or 6 FPS. Sometimes it would return to normal but most times it would lag. Same problem on Call of Duty MW and Black Ops. I shrugged it off because I could play Dead Space 2 smoothly! So I thought it was just a Windows 7 problem. So I reformatted my drive and reinstalled 7. Nothing has changed. But this time I also got occasional BSOD during stratups and sudden shutdowns. So I thought my videocard is causing the problem so I bought an Asus GTX 560. Now, only the sudden shutdowns and BSOD's disappeared. Playing games are still a problem.

What are your thoughts? I haven't played since September and I'm itching so much right now. PSU or CPU? Or is it the motherboard? Please help.
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