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05 Jan 2012  

Window 7 Pro 32bit, XP Pro 32 bit
Ready to start imaging-Data, Macrium, WD My Book - suggestions?

Mostly about backup and imaging, but need to prepare a couple things.
I've asked a few questions already and done alot of reading as I am new to this part. But was away and finally ready to start my backup plan
Any suggestion or changes before I start would be great.

My Laptop:
Windows 7 Pro - 32bit.
i5, 2.40GHZ, 2400Mhz, 2 core....
3G Ram

16G - recovery
C: 140.95G
D: 140.95G ..Made one windows backup "image file" , it is in a My Recovery Folder on D: I did not have an external HD yet.

I made recovery and boot cds right away.
My laptop is sitting as it was at the time I made the windows image file a while ago. Does this plan sound ok?

-Make data folders and save all my data and files on D partition. - not realted to "user folders" C:
Leave the My Recovery Folder made earlier there, or rename the inside folder with the image inside to "Copy 1" and copy or move it to the external below as well?

-Heres my kicker, before I get Macrium, I have at the moment the WD My Book 2T (with smartware). Hope to get a second external one day.
-Format it on the new Win7 laptop - some software going to install I am sure!!
- Plug in, let windows find anything off it I may need? I will use Macrium instead.
- Format to NTFS to use as simple external drive
-Uninstalll any WD Software from Win 7 it going to leave anything behind? This is the part I've been avoiding

-Download Macrium free for making image files and do all partions, watched the videos already
Once at least for the 16G recovery, and 200M. Yes?
Do regular system images of C, and copy or image D partitions on External Drive.

How does this sound? Did I miss anything?
Thanks so much for reading and any input, as I hope to get this right.

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