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08 Jan 2012  

Windows 7 x64/sp1
System Image is not recognized in Control Panel\...\Backup and Restore

I have a 256Gb SSD partitioned into 121GB (Volume label left at default "Local Disk") (C:) and 116 GB Data (D:) (sizes select by default in initial access to Disk Management). I also have an internal SATA 6Gb 500Gb Backup (E:).

Apparently this label of my E: drive is both "meaningless" and "meaningful" for Win7:

When I wanted to make my first SystemImage, Win7 suggested that my destination choice was not a good idea. It makes perfect sense for me, but I can see that Win7 might prefer an external USB hdd.

But I went ahead and made the System Image on Backup (E:) and it appears to be in good order: I allowed Win7 to name it with its default folder "WindowsImageBackup" with the subfolder named from my system name, with add'l subfolders:

Backup 2012-01-03 (+ some 6 digit id #, I presume)

However, this System Image is not recognized in Control Panel\...\Backup and Restore and the "Select another backup to restore files from" dialog does not recognize the E: drive nor allow me any means to select it.

However, if I select "Setup backup" Win7 immediately selects Backup (E:), adding the comment [Recommended].

I can see the statement near the top of the dialog about recommending a backup on an external drive, but this is not what I consider an intelligent backup approach. I prefer to make both internal backups on my additional internal hdd and external usb hdd copies of backups.

The extensive listing of advantages and disadvantages is helpful for newer users, but those who have evolved from NT 3.51 should be allowed a certain discretion. No?

My copy of Windows 7 Annoyances informs me about how to access this System Image by the "Attach VHD" option from "Disk Management\Work with Partitions," even instructing how one can use this method to restore individual files, which normal access to System Images apparently prevents. I have not tried this approach, so I have no sense of its reliability. However, the author has stayed with the evolution of Windows and might be considered to have worthy conceptualizations.

Finally, I am concerned because of this apparently totally inhibited access to my SystemImage that it might not allow me to (make a usable?) copy it to an external usb hdd.

I'd appreciate any suggestions about two things: how to actually access this SystemImage on my internal E: drive if I need/want to, and if I attempt to make a copy of this to an external usb hdd will I be able to make a valid copy?
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