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08 Jan 2012  


There are 2 attached files. a .bat file and a .txt file.

Use the link below to access the attachments.

System Image .bat script - allow multiple images - WindowsImageBackup

Download the one of your choice and if .txt, rename it to a .bat extension.

Prior to running, make sure ALL drives are connected that may have System Images upon them.

Your current working directory is the directory to which you saved the sysimage.bat (or .txt that has been renamed .bat).

Run using the following:

sysimage.bat /I Y > sysimout.txt

This will run it and direct the output to sysimout.txt. Inside this will be all the information about every system image, which drives were backed up, which had a matching shadow (system) entry, which physical WindowsImageBackup files were found, etc.

Post that results .txt file back here as an attachment (i.e. MANAGE ATTACHMENTS option at the lower left of REPLY screen).

A wrinkle I have not checked into is when in Windows Recovery Environment, the drive letters could be different. So, how would System Image deal with having a shadow copy saying "I'm on drive F" but F is now E in win RE?

The 6-digit # on \Backup is HHMMSS.

It didn't like you targeting D for your system image as that's on the same physical disk as the OS (C).
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