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10 Jan 2012  
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You can't uncheck the pre-selected OS drive boxes (sys res. and C) when taking a true "system image".
That was a calculation by size only being referred to there. Even if you used another program like Acronis T.I. the total size of the image from the 2tb drive would exceed the capacity of the smaller 1tb drive.

At a rough estimate an image made from that where you have 1.5tb of files present would be right around 1.3tb in size. Plus any image you make still goes to another drive unless you opt for dvds or a network location.

A business of course would have a server to receive while nicnicman would need a 2tb or larger external HD to store an image from the 2tb internal drive there. The compression isn't high enough for seeing one stored on a smaller drive.

The image I just made here of the main drive shows what I mean quite well with the drive having 520+gb on it and the image made came in at 462gb. That was just over half the drive with the image being about 50% give or take.

Now take the same size drive at 3/4 full where would the image end up at? Over 50%. The same applies to the 2tb where 3/4 full would go over the 1tb size showing he needs to either manually back up files between the other two HDs installed or plan to image that to a new larger drive he would need to add on.

What would work for both host and 2tb drive? A 2tb, 2.5tb, or 3tb drive added on would seem to be large enough to handle the total size of the image you would expect to be seeing once you calculate the total amount on both host and 2tb there.

A 2tb would just fit while a 2.5tb or 3tb would allow for any progressive increase in size later if another image of both drives was made again once more files were added. The mush smaller amount seen on the host SSD drive is the plus factor for seeing it would with another 2tb model.

With a rough estimate of the host coming in at about 35-40gb plus the approximate 1.3tb for the 2tb drive a 1.5tb drive would be risky at that if an image of both were able to fit.
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